Hope Mill Theatre  (13th April - 22nd April 2017)

Winner Manchester Theatre Awards Best Fringe Production

Director:  Piers Blackwood - Hawkins                                              Cast

Writer:  Declan Greene                                                                     Alistair Michael

Set & Costume:  Frankie Bradshaw                                                 Charlotte Gascoyne

Lighting Design:  Matt Leventhall

Sound Design: Mark Harris

Producer: Ransack Theatre

Photos Shay Rowan



Alastair Michael as the restless boy racing towards his own doomsday and Charlotte Gascoyne as his disloyal tormentor are painfully convincing portraying conflicted teens unable to handle extreme emotions or connect with reality, while instantly morphing into off-kilter characters plaguing their lives.
— Roger Foss, The Stage ****
Scene changes are not peaceful but are accompanied by violent blasts of white noise, sending the characters reeling in torment.
— David Cunningham, Manchester Theatre Awards
...the subject matter is handled magnificently; particularly when we see Sebastian descend into Claryssa’s ‘cave’ to help her out of a depressive slump.
— Fran Slater, The Manchester Review