The Tempest

Southwark Playhouse (5th - 28th January 2017)

Director: Amy Draper                                                             

Set & Costume: Ele Slade                                                      

Lighting Design: Sarah Readman                                         

Composer: Candida Caldicot                                               

Composer (percussion): Andrew Meredith

Producer: David Wayman for Southwark Playhouse




Peter Caulfield               Sarah Malin

Benjamin Crawley         Stanton Plummer-Cambridge

Gemma Lawrence         Andrew Meredith




The Stage ****

Time Out ****

Whatsonstage ****

British Theatre ****

Ariel, played as a muscular but anguished spirit by Peter Caulfield... His strong physical performance contains some extraordinary contortions...”
”Director Amy Draper has used every inch of available space to great effect, with the breath of Prospero’s magic scattering the cast to all points of the compass. Her production is intensely physical too, with movement director Chi-San Howard contributing a wildly abandoned dance for the island’s revels.
— Jane Kemp, Whatsonstage ****
...light and sound are used to convey her (Prospero’s) magical power along with terrific usage of body movement – no additional effects necessary. She’s assisted by Peter Caulfield, a suitably other-worldly Ariel, who moves about the space like shadow...
— Sophie Adnitt, British Theatre ****
Lighting, sound and movement are used to marvellous effect, creating some stunning set pieces, in particular Miranda and Ferdinand’s betrothal masque, which becomes a feverish dance.
— Julia Rank, The Stage ****
And a literally straitjacketed Ariel (Peter Caulfield), lurking on the outskirts of scenes, makes for a striking, forlorn presence.
— Tom Wicker, Time Out ****