Homos or Everyone in America

Finborough Theatre (August 7th - September 1st 2018) 

Director Josh Seymour Cast

Writer Jordan Seavey Cash Holland

Set & Costume Lee Newby Tyrone Huntley

Lighting Design Jess Bernberg Dan Krikler

Sound Design Lex Kosanke Harry Mcentire

Photos Marc Brenner

Jumping between 2006 and 2011, these moments are initially disconnected, the temporal shifts between them choreographed like a spooling videotape
— The Stage
They... enmesh with all the flexibility that their bodies achieve in a wonderful scene (pictured below) that symbolically conveys the ecstatic conjoining of sex.
— ArtsDesk
Chi-San Howard is also involved as movement director and the physicality of the production is an important element, not least in a joyous celebration of erotic love and in guiding its complex chronology.
— British Theatre Guide
In between the scenes, the Academic gasps for air, in great pain and unable to find the help or comfort he needs.
— Time Out
The structure means each scene is sort of a guessing game as to when and where we are in the relationship, and the neat movement sequences (simply effective work from Chi-San Howard) work with the script to foreshadow a darker event on the couples’ horizon.
— Spy in the Stalls