Nottingham Playhouse (March 22nd - April 7th 2019)


Director Lisa Blair Sam Swann Simon Darwen

Writer David Almond Kate Okello Tina Harris

Designer Frankie Bradshaw Edward Harrison Gillian Kirkpatrick

Lighting Design Alexandra Stafford Lauren Waine Luke Grant

Sound Design/Composer Tom Attwood Tanya Vital Philip Correia

Puppetry Design Matthew Forbes

Accent Coach Elspeth Morrison


The Times ****

The Stage ****

East Midlands Theatre ****

The narrators are always on stage, sometimes silent observers, sometimes energetic presences. They drop down from their vantage points to become tormentors in the school yard or comic crones in the hospital...

Unlike in a pantomime, where flying is primarily a source of fun, here it has a deeply mystical dimension. When Skellig (Edward Harrison) unfurls his great wings, he visibly evolves from the hunched, hoarse and angry figure that Michael first encounters.
— Pat Ashworth, The Stage
Skellig himself appears in the darkest corner of the garage, a filthy, half-dead creature, grouchy and fearful, suffering from arthritic pain... His full bird-like nature is revealed slowly and provides a real moment of magic – not flashy, not explosive, just a soaring feeling of being spiritually and literally uplifted.
— Philip Lowe, East Midlands Theatre
They are part of an ensemble whose synchronised movement focuses the energy on stage, like a pulsing drum. Their narration is dizzying after a while, but it keeps good pace with a child’s patience.
— Naomi Obeng, Exeunt Magazine
The combined skills demanded by a production such as this defy individuality. Choric narrative; doubling, tripling, quadrupling of parts; adults playing children; the conjuring of ‘impossible’ magic within the’ real’ confines of a live theatre: this is what the phrase ‘ensemble work’ means. And when it works, as it does, here, it cannot be bettered.
— Rob Worrall, Theatreworld
Pallid skin and arthritically clawed hands tellingly portray Edward Harrison’s Skellig as somewhere been alive and dead, barely able to move he gutturally groans for Michael
— Edward Jones, Left Lion