These Trees Are Made of Blood

Arcola Theatre  (14th June - 15th July 2017)

Director  Amy Draper                                                                       Cast

Composer & Lyrics  Darren Clark                                                  Rob Castell                     Ellen O'Grady

Book  Paul Jenkins                                                                              Rosalind Ford                 Anne-Marie Piazza

Set and Costume   Georgia Lowe & Alex Berry                            Neil Kelso                       Josh Sneesby

Lighting  Sherry Coenen                                                                   Alexander Luttley           Charlotte Worthing

Sound Design  David Gregory                                                        Eilon Morris

Illusion Design  Neil Kelso    


Photos  Helen Murray    


... camp fingertips extend into salutes... Luttley’s spiked fan routine is as sharp as any instrument of torture, and Rosalind Ford’s CIA striptease neatly illustrates underhand American tactics
— Matt Trueman, WhatsOnStage
... torture looks very much like the old music hall trick of sawing a lady in half... A brilliant second act number, The School of Americas, delivered by Rosalind Ford’s CIA agent doing a stars-and-stripes strip show, makes the US’s support of the murderous regime clear.
— Lyn Gardner, The Guardian